Upcoming Societas Liturgica Durham Congress: Durham 2019

 Beheerder    15 Apr 2019 : 13:44
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Societas Liturgica is an ecumenical body dedicated to liturgical scholarship and renewal.  It meets biennially, attracting an international group of more than 200 liturgical scholars and practitioners.

Its next meeting will be in Durham, from 5-10 August 2019.  This is the first time in many years that Societas has come to Britain, and so this presents an exciting opportunity for those with liturgical interests from the UK and Ireland to work collaboratively with colleagues from across the world. 

This year’s theme is Anamnesis: Remembering in Action, Place and Time (click here for further information).


The attached paper provides further details of this year’s Congress.  Further details can be found here, and the online registration system can be accessed here.


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