“Understanding the Bible from the Liturgy”

 15 May 2022 : 22:00
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Summer School in Trier, Germany

May 16 - July 1, 2022

Professors: Dr. Marco Benini (liturgy, Trier; taught 6 semesters at CUA), with some classes by Dr. Stefanos Alexopoulos (liturgy, CUA), Dr. Hans-Georg Gradl (NT, Trier), and Dr. Carolin Neuber (OT, Trier)

"Sacred Scripture is of the greatest importance in the celebration of the liturgy." (SC 24). The Bible shapes the liturgy like no other book: OT and NT readings are intertextually combined. Psalms are often specifically chosen. Prayers and hymns are biblically permeated. Liturgical actions and symbols (e.g., the washing of feet on Holy Thursday, baptismal rites, etc.) are inspired by sacred Scripture. At the same time, the liturgy interprets sacred Scripture and makes the Bible, a written echo of the revelation, to the living Word of God, whom we encounter in the liturgy. The reception of Scripture (e.g., according to the literary reception theory) is part of the active participation in the liturgy.

University of Notre Dame

 02 Jan 2022 : 00:45
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Call for PhD Applicants, Liturgical Studies

The Graduate School at the University of Notre Dame accepts up to two, funded (tuition scholarship + full stipend) PhD students per year in Liturgical Studies. The program in Liturgical Studies integrates three sub-disciplines: Liturgical History; Liturgical Theology; Ritual Studies.

All applications must be submitted to the Graduate School by January 2, 2022. More information and a link to the online application may be found here:

For those without a Master degree, the Theology Department also offers a two-year Master of Theological Studies (MTS) with a concentration in Liturgical Studies, which is geared toward eventual PhD work in liturgy or other fields:


 16 Oct 2020 : 13:26
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The Institute of Classical, Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies is pleased to announce the international conference “THE ANCIENT AND BYZANTINE WORLD IN THE LIGHT OF INTERDISCIPLINARY RESEARCH”

Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, Tbilisi, Georgia, 22-24 September 2021

The conference is dedicated to the 150th anniversary of Grigol Tsereteli, the renowned Georgian Classical Philologist, Byzantinist and Papyrologist as well as to 100th anniversary of the Department of Classical Philology founded by Grigol Tsereteli at the Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State Universtity (The Conference has been postponed due to Covid 19 Pandemic).

Deadline for the abstracts: 30 December 2020

For more information click this link
or contact g.tsereteli150@gmail.com


 16 Oct 2020 : 09:00
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Thessaloniki, 2022