Who we are?

The Society of Oriental Liturgy (SOL) is an academic society dedicated to the scholarly study of Eastern Christian liturgy and related fields. Although SOL is respectful of all churches and religious traditions, it has no confessional affiliation. It was founded in 2005 with the inspiration and under the leadership of Robert Taft, S.J., Professor Emeritus of Byzantine Liturgical History at the Pontifical Oriental Institute in Rome. He was the Honorary President of our Society until his death in 2018.

Members of SOL are university professors and scholars from all around the world (mainly North America, Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, and India).



Our scope and purpose is to foster the study of Eastern Christian liturgy in all its aspects and phases (origins in early liturgy; history, current practice, theology, spirituality…), including allied disciplines (hymnography and musicology, architecture, archeology, iconography, other arts…), and its multiple methodologies (philology; textual analysis; comparative liturgiology, historiography; philosophy; practical and pastoral theology; social sciences; gender studies; ritual studies…).

In order to serve our scope and purpose, SOL organizes an international congress every two years where scholars can present their research and exchange ideas and where younger scholars can present themselves and their work.

Within this scope we have already organized eight international congresses: Germany (2006), Italy (2008), Greece (2010), Lebanon (2012), USA (2014), Armenia (2016), Slovakia (2018), and Thessaloniki (2022).



Membership in SOL and participation in its meetings, including its International Congresses, is open only to those with a doctoral degree in theology or liturgical studies or their allied disciplines who have demonstrated a special interest in Oriental liturgy, and to doctoral degree candidates in those fields.

Researchers and scholars wishing to become SOL members must send an application, including a cv, to the email address of the secretary, Šimon Marinčák: secretary@soliturgy.org

Currently, the annual membership dues are € 25, or $ 30.

SOL members represent not only a great number of academic institutions but include also independent scholars.



 SOL (e.V. in formation) Association Statutes — draft

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