Recent and forthcoming publications 2021 (December)

 21 Dec 2021 : 06:15
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Recent & Forthcoming Publications:

András DOBOS, Prassi e teologia circa l’Eucaristia nella storica Eparchia di Mukačevo. Dall’unione di Užhorod (1646) fino alla metà del XX secolo. Münster: Aschendorff 2022 (Studies in Eastern Christian Liturgies 3);

Mary Farag, What Makes a Church Sacred? Legal and Ritual Perspectives from Late Antiquity. University of California Press 2021 (Transformation of the Classical Heritage 63).

Daniel GALADZA, Art. Святогрóбский Типикóн, in: Православная Энцилкопедия 62 (forthcoming), 141–144 (on

Job GETCHA, The Euchologion Unveiled: An Explanation of Byzantine Liturgical Practice II. New York: St. Vladimir's Seminary Press 2021.

Job GETCHA, La théologie sacramentaire Byzantine : Les sacrements chez Nicolas Cabasilas et Syméon de Thessalonique. Préface de Marie-Hélène Congourdeau, Paris : Beauchesne 2021.

Theodoros X. GIANGOU, Christina KAKKOURA, Christodoulos CHRISTODOULOU, Nikolaos PAPANTONIOU (eds.), Κυπριακή Αγιολογία. Πρακτικά Β΄ Διεθνούς Συνεδρίου «Από τον άγιο Επιφάνιο στον άγιο Νεόφυτο τον Έγκλειστο (4ος-12ος αι.)», Παραλίμνι, 13-15 Φεβρουαρίου 2014. Agia Napa, Paralimni 2021.

Ephrem A. ISHAC, Thomas CSANÁDY, Theresa Zammit LUPI (eds.), Tracing Written Heritage in a Digital Age. Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz 2021.

Mirela IVANOVA, Inventing and ethnicising Slavonic in the long ninth century, in: Journal of Medieval History, 47:4-5 (2021), 574-586. Link to this article:

Thomas LIENHARD, The emergence of written Slavonic (c.860–c.880): where and why?, in: Journal of Medieval History 47:4-5 (2021), 587-596. Link to the abstract:

Martin LUSTRAETEN, The Source Value of Arabic Typicon-Manuscripts as Testimonials for the Byzantinization of the Melkites, in: Religions 2021, 12(11), 931;

Alexandra NIKIFOROVA, Святые жeны в древнеиерусалимском богослужении: корпус текстов и система топосов, in: Библия и христианская древность / Bible and Christian Antiquity, 11/ 3, (2021), 160–196. (on

Eugen J. PENTUIC, Hearing the Scriptures: Liturgical Exegesis of the Old Testament in Byzantine Orthodox Hymnography. Oxford University Press 2021.

Gregory TUCKER, The Hymnography of the Middle Byzantine Ecclesiastic Rite & Its Festal Theology: Introduction – Edition – Commentary. (Studies in Eastern Christian Liturgies), Münster: Aschendorff, forthcoming.

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